Latest major updates:
8 Sep 2011 Everything should be up to date within the next 24 hours.
23 Apr 2011

18 Apr 2011 Added the entire bridge crew to the Characters section and a guide to what you can do when the inevitable space battle comes along. Please read it!
16 Apr 2011 Added Dr. Cornelius Evazan, Vornaal’s disease, Drek’s Cab Service
15 Apr 2011 Added portraits of the rest of the marines. Some of their original descriptions don’t match the portraits; that will be corrected at some point when I have time.
12 Apr 2011 Adding portraits of human NPCs, courtesy of the EVE Online character creator. Done so far: Almir Phoda, Jorund Corcer, both Kaiyas, Khaylia, Myri, Rylla, and Silas Erith.
8 Apr 2011 Corrected the stats of marines who had vibrodaggers; they now have knives instead. (They don’t have proficiency with Advanced Melee Weapons.)
6 Apr 2011 Calendar (about), Bounty Board
4 Apr 2011 Calendar, Bardok’s letters, Frey’ar’s journal

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