Galactic Procurements, Inc.

ADC Recruitment Poster

Are you young and unemployed? Stuck on the pasture? Wasting your youth on suping up landspeeders and watching action Holonovels?

Ever felt like you could be doing SOMETHING MORE?

Before you sign your life away to the Imperial Academy or are blinded by Rebel propoganda remember:


The Assured Defense Contractors (ADC) way!

We’re looking for upright smart and strong young men and women JUST LIKE YOU.

ADC is a professional, friendly, and honest military contractor serving clients from the Inner Rim to the Core Worlds. We will train you with valuable leadership, defense, and life skills. Our service contracts are on a bi-annual basis for recruits that need training and annually for experienced soldiers. There’s no risk in signing the rest of your life away for someone else’s cause! Renegotiate your contract, leave the service after your term is complete, or work hard to become an officer in our organization! See the universe ON US!

Isn’t it time someone INVESTED IN YOU?

Fill out our simple Holonet questionarrie and submit your resume today!

Assured Defense Contractors

Want trustworthy guards to defend that vital shipment? Need vigilant security around that critical facility? Is your local police force lacking paramilitary assistance?

Well worry no more! Assured Defense Contractors are just a Holonet message away!

Never again deal with shifty mercenaries loyal only to the dollar! From our home base on Ord Lithone, we can service clients from the Inner Rim to the Core Worlds with a cadre of honest hard working citizens just like you! Each ADC specialist is hand selected via a rigorous process evaluating combat expertise and people skills as well as passing extensive criminal background checks. ADC fully cooperates with local law enforcement, goes out of its way to be the best friend to your citizens or employees, and the worst enemy to those who disrupt the peace.

Still not convinced?

ADC was founded by a Republic hero of the Clone Wars who has personally recovered over 150 core world bounties including a Hutt crime lord and a bio terrorist wanted on 12 core world systems!

Have special needs?

ADC is prepared for any scenario. Does your planet have abnormally low or high gravity? Does your assignment require work in outer space? As we say on Ord Lithone, “no worries”! Our training regimine includes advanced simulations in variable gravity environments and extreme climates! Our “space legs” are gauranteed! Request our trusty Canine Unit for that extra level of “scent security”. They can even detect Force Sensitives!

Assure your next sortie with ADC!

First time customers who mention this ad get a 10% discount!

Looking for investment opportunities with ADC?

ADC is not accepting public investment at this time. Support ADC by recommending our service to your friends or local police force!

Need space for your growing organization?

ADC is housed on an expansive former industrial complex with plenty of room to grow! If you’re looking to rent space for your startup without hassle on a planet with a highly skilled and inexpensive workforce then ADC’s HQ is the place to be! Call our offices today for an estimate or tour of our facility! Contact the Ord Lithone Business Development Corporation for additional kickbacks and tax incentives! Ord Lithone – “The Assembly Line of the Inner Rim”.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What languages do you speak?

Our customer service protocol droids speak every major language in the galaxy and are happy to help you at any time. Our actual contractors speak Common. Translators can be provided with notification ahead of time for an additional fee.

Do you use illegal hardware?

ADC is committed to maintaining an image of professionalism while maintaining a friendly relationship with local law enforcement. No ADC contractor carries unauthorized military or illegal weapons and equipment.

Do you offer reimbursements for mission failure?

No mission is 100% gauranteed. Should an ADC mission fail, our employer is only responsible for payment up to that mission failure. A mission can be aborted and our service dismissed by our employer at any time. ADC will pay for any medical bills to injured contractors and arrange and pay for body transportation services in case of contractor demise.

What is your policy regaurding collateral damage?

ADC uses legal and regulated hardware designed to inflict as little collateral damage as possible and our contractors are highly trained in urban warfare and bystander casualty avoidance. Should the unthinkable occur, ADC provides a deductible insurance plan as part of our fee. Depending on the severity of the mission, the employer will pay for any collateral damage under the deductible and ADC will cover the rest. Collateral damage insurance can be waived to reduce our overall fee and ADC will still provide the same level of service, however an employer waiving Collateral Damage Insurance takes all risks and fees involved with collateral damage to persons or property. Collateral damage insurance is a pre-paid service and cannot be refunded after the completion or cancellation of a mission regardless of any circustance. ADC highly recommends purchasing the level of collateral damage insurance that is right for you.

Can I be sued by criminals or enemies for using ADC?

As a legitimate paramilitary contractor, ADC is legally immune to lawsuits associated with the legitimate use of its authority or exertion of its forces. Only non-legitimate and deliberate unlawful acts can be used as a grounds for lawsuits against ADC. Our current track record for illegal offenses is zero and any such offenses would not be tolerated under our charter. If such an event occurs, ADC will handle the legal defense and pay any possible settlements or legal fees. This sets us apart from all of our competitors. We will get the job done – legal and clean.

I’m interested in employment with ADC, when can I start?

Glad to meet another up and coming gray beret of ADC! Just fill out the questionairre on our main page and submit your resume for our prescreening process. Applicants with prior criminal history will not be accepted. Applicants from Ord Lithone are served on a priority basis followed by those offworld. Non-humanoids are welcome for non-combat positions at this time. Our current gear is bulk purchased and selected for a humanoid two-legged two-arm one head crew. However, we strive to be an equal opportunity employer and will gladly hold on to non-humanoid resumes and will contact you once we are budgeted for equipping new recruits with your unique abilities. Independent droids of humanoid configuration are also eligible for employment at this time. Non-humanoid independent droid applicants will be contacted in the same manner as non-humanoids.

Once your resume has been accepted you must arrange travel to Ord Lithone or our future evaluation complex on Corellia to engage in a combat simulation test. Extremely skilled and eager applicants who cannot afford travel expenses are still encouraged to apply as ADC may be able to come to an agreement on funding your trip.

What positions are currently available at ADC?

Construction Crew

ADC is currently looking to build a more permanent bunker and spaceport for its facility. Applicants of all skill levels are welcome to apply. Wages will be paid on an hourly basis. Full time employment for skilled mechanics is possible – but not gauranteed – after the construction is complete.

Officer: Flight Instructor

ADC is looking to expand its abilities into atmospheric and stellar piloting and combat! Are you an ace who just isn’t getting that promotion? Are you a skilled veteran who has a passion for instruction? Contact ADC for this exciting opportunity to be a high ranking officer in our organization. The flight instructor has full authority on a flight training regimine and setting up their own squadron! All ranked officers also recieve large personal quarters and stock options in ADC! Join up today!

Officer: Driving Instructor

ADC is looking for experienced racers and drivers to teach extreme landspeeder, armored vehicle, and swoop bike maneuvering! Military or police force experience is a plus. How does setting up your own training regimine and obstacle course sound? All ranked officers recieved large personal quarters and stock options in ADC! Join up today!

Officer: Drill Sargeant

ADC is looking for experienced military or police officers with a passion for training new recruits. As a paramilitary organization, ADC has the professionalism of a state run force with the freedom of a private organization. Design your own training regimine and evaluations based on your real world experience! All ranked officers recieve large personal quarters and stock options in ADC! Join up today!

Memorable Quotes

“You’ve been cleaned out by the Maintenance Crew. Fuck you!” Message left on a beacon in space by Phryne.

“We need blast doors. And not double blast doors, dammit. We know what happens with those.” Weapon

“We’re doing this right and getting investments. It’s the Duros way.” Kire

“Roll ‘shoot the shit’. Natural 20!” Weapon

“Funk music is not a public utility.” Game Master as NPC, speaking to Weapon.

“Get your own ’splosions.” Phryne
“I have spread ’sploding!” Weapon

“You never know when some assholes are just going to walk in and take over the place.” Weapon – Responding to real guards shortly after walking in and taking over a crime lord’s base while pretending to be a guard.

“Hey, Jango Fett wannabe! Where ya goin’ so fast?!” Weapon, shouting at Jodo Kast.

“Cutting Edge. What was your previous name? The Sharper Image?” Weapon

“Is the doctor in? I’ve got this pain in my side, and I want him to take a look at it.” Weapon, speaking to the clinic receptionist and referring to his heavy weapon.

“Taste it! Taste it!” Phryne, encouraging Ti-Red to taste the mysterious blue goo.

“I’m hacking the music.” Weapon
“How can you hack the music?” GM

“I got a stuzz? What’s a stuzz?” Weapon
“It’s a box with a button on it, and when you push it, it has blinkin’ lights.” GM

“Never say ‘assass the ass’ again.” Weapon, speakin to Ti-Red.

“Is it okay that I find biological organisms sexually attractive?” Weapon, speaking to the receptionist at Xucphra Organization.

“I’m gonna hack the music.” Weapon
“How can you hack the music?” GM

“Look out for that planet! It comes up on ya real quick.” Phryne

“I can hold it for you! Cup holder mode engaged.” Weapon

“I’m gonna kill a tauntaun!” Ti-Red

“It’s force stun, not force taser.” Phryne to Ti-Red.

“Knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle. Therefore, power is half the battle.” Weapon

“Is the mayor of Hoth David Hasselhoth?” Weapon
“I think your comedy subroutines need tweaking.” GM

“I can make you a penis!” Phryne
“It can be retractable.” GM
“A telescopic penis?!” Phryne
“I’m gonna go to my room for three days and work on my calligraphy. With my penis.” Weapon
“So it’s a prehensile telescopic penis?” Phryne

“I’m bringing out my mortal prod.” Weapon

“I’m gonna take up jizzercising.” Phyrne, referring to what she was going to do during three days of downtime on the ship.

“Here’s the keys. She’s all yours!” Weapon, handing the keys to the stolen Krayt’s Teeth base to the sheriff of the floating city.
“You drug in a skyscraper!” Kire, referring to its size.

Mysterious Assassin

A CoreSec base on Corellia has indicated a mysterious assassin, responsible for the murder of a Moff’s assistant, is on the loose. CoreSec believes the assassin is a hireling of the Rebel Alliance, but Weapon isn’t so sure. He believes the Rebel Alliance to be too strapped for cash to hire such a mercenary. It seems more their style to use information brokers or Bothan spies. Weapon seems to think that the assassin is hired by the Black Suns, the Empire itself, or perhaps his own benefactor as part of a separate cell. All of these options make him hesitant to take action, though he has suggested laying a trap for the assassin’s next likely target: the Moff’s arrival on Tyrena.

The trap yielded no results however, or possibly the assassin saw the trap ahead of time and decided not to take action. The bounty still stands, but with little info to continue onward it is unlikely the team will make progress leading to his capture.

Thyferra Krayt's Teeth Base
Krayt's Teeth

The team destroyed a large emplacement belonging to the Krayt’s Teeth on Thyferra. The base was located after placing homing beacons on two swoop bikes. The base held the location of the derelict space craft where valuable mission critical cargo was being held. Weapon booby trapped the base and Phryne left a transmitter that will go off and notify the team if the traps are tripped. Loot from the base was given primarily to the marines to beef up their armor and equipment. Amongst the loot where 3 rare animals which may fetch a high price to private collectors along with six racing swoop bikes.

Derelict Space Craft
Krayt's Teeth

The Krayt’s Teeth were using a derelict space craft deep in interstellar space to hide their cargo. After a long battle from both sides of the ship, the players managed to conquer and reclaim the cargo along with opting to sell the ship’s location to salvagers to make additional profit. During the fight, Weapon took significant damage and Phyrne hacked several heavy robotic units. This upset Weapon but he viewed the hacking as necessary. Perhaps he’ll make sure not to split Phyrne off the team next time, but she seems to be able to hold her own.

Ti-Red has sold the rights to salvage the derelict space craft to a contact of Irin Los.


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