Dr. Cornelius Evazan

Insane doctor who tortured and experimented on his victims


1.7m tall, human, grossly disfigured face. Thin, grey hair and brown eyes.


(Wookieepedia article)

Dr. Evazan, already wanted and sentenced to death on several star systems, opened up a clinic in Blue Sector in Coronet City. The players learned the location of his clinic and went there to track him and attempt to claim the bounty on him. Arriving at the same time was the bounty hunter Jodo Kast. Evazan was aware that Kast was coming for him, however, and had fled. Kast stole a landspeeder and gave chase. Weapon, Heavy and Phryne jumped on a speeder bike and pursued Kast. Noticing that Kast was chasing someone and correctly guessing that someone was the Doctor, Weapon & Phryne shifted focus to chase Evazan. Thanks to good luck and good piloting by Phryne, they flew past Kast when he lost track of Evazan’s evasive dives down side streets and managed to stay with their quarry.

While they continued the chase south towards the southern side of the city, Kast zeroed in on the signal of the tracking beacon he had fired at Evazan’s speeder at the start of the chase and headed in the direction of the spaceport, where he believed Evazan was headed. When the signal dropped, he raced towards its last known location. Weapon had destroyed Evazan’s landspeeder with a superbly well-aimed missile, killing the Doctor, and he and Phryne were departing with the corpse. In a blind rage and losing the bounty to a pair of nobodies, Kast fired at the speeder bike, scoring a hit. However, the speeder sputtered on, leaving Kast in a cloud of smoke.

Later, a recent visitor to the clinic exploded in Treasure Ship Row. Evazan had implanted an IED inside the man, along with a canister, which he had pressurized, of a topical medicinal delivery agent containing not medicine, but Vornaal’s disease. The Doctor would have no more patients…but he may have many more victims.

Dr. Cornelius Evazan

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