Bardok's letters


It has been two weeks since last I wrote. So far, our expedition has been a rousing success tinged with both oddity and tragedy. When we arrived, we had only a vague idea of which region of the planet to begin looking. After a week and a half of living like nomads in a grueling cycle of surveying and moving camp, we located the battlefield where the Jedi and Sith Empire clashed a millennia ago. By this time, it was buried. We set up the laser excavators and began our work. Bits of armor, clothing, weapons, and more were gradually coaxed out of their frozen encasement.

Beginning that evening, and continuing these last few days, some of the team report very strange sensations and observations around the site. Some say they hear a faint humming sound on the wind that comes and goes seemingly at random. Some claim to have seen a mysterious robed figure walking in the distance, but he/she/it only appears during snowstorms and only briefly. Some even say they feel like the presences of Sith and Jedi Masters who perished here are with us. I have felt this myself, but I think it’s just nerves. This isn’t the first archaeological team to get jittery during a dig at a site like this.

On a tragic note, Dain Bailer was outside of his tent in the middle of the night last night for some reason and was taken by a wampa. Tonight we’re going to discuss going to rescue him — we have a few sporting blaster rifles for defense and the wampa left a clear trail dragging Dain back to his lair.

However, not even the weird things happening around the camp or the wampa attack can totally dampen our enthusiasm at our find yesterday. Scouting out around the perimiter of the battlefield, Atlan discovered a Republic warship deep under the ice. It must have crashed here during the battle and gradually been covered over 1,000 years like everything else. I’ll keep you posted.

Dr. Bardok



As Sia has no doubt told you, I have departed for Hoth. I did indeed learn something about the comlink you gave me. As I said when we met, it is approximately 1,000 years old. That places it during the New Sith Wars. During this period in the Republic military, when a comlink was configured for someone, their unit designation was used in the process that generated the security code. Because of this, all comlinks issued to members of the same unit have the same pattern in the first segment of their codes. This weakness in their security has become a boon for us modern-day historians. Because of it, I was able to narrow down our comlink as belonging to someone assigned with Lord Hoth’s forces during his famous offensive, which began on the planet with which he shares a name. I have traveled there with a survey team to investigate. I have not told them about the comlink or about you. Holonet access is intermittent out here, but if you give an address to Sia then she can pass it along to me and I can write you directly.

Dr. Aramis Bardok

Bardok's letters

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