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Tyrnia Masak
Participation in unlawful arena combat, unlawful manipulation of a game of chance, manslaughter
Aliases: The Sapper, The Pit Witch of Nar Shaddaa
Description: Human female, 1.8m tall, 68kg, short brown hair, blue eyes
Distinguishing Features: Scar on left shoulder, scar on left thigh, missing tip of right index finger
Caution: Armed, extremely tenacious and adept at avoiding capture.
Last Known Location: Pixelito, Malastare
Reward: ₢1,000 alive only.

Bounty claimed.
Cornelius Evazan
Unlawful and unlicensed medical experimentation on non-consenting victims
Aliases: Roofoo, Doctor Cornelius, Doctor Death, The Doctor
Description: Human male, 1.7m tall, 75kg, sparse, unkempt grey hair, brown eyes
Distinguishing Features: Missing eye and massive disfigurement, presumably from a blaster wound.
Caution: Sentenced to death on Imperial Center, Alderaan, Hapes, Corellia, Nubia, Rodia, Ord Mantell, Dantooine, Malastare, Ando, and by the Corporate Sector Authority. Highly dangerous.
Last Known Location: Anonymous tips indicate he may be on Corellia.
Reward: ₢10,000 dead or alive.


Unidentified Humanoid Assassin
Assassination of two Imperial officials in Coronet City, Corellia.
Aliases: None known.
Description: Humanoid
Distinguishing Features: None known.
Caution: Skilled sniper, likely carrying additional armament, known to use kouhouns.
Last Known Location: Coronet City, Corellia.
Reward: ₢1,000,000 alive; ₢500,000 dead. Up to ₢10,000 for any tip leading to apprehension. Contact CorSec immediately if you have any information that could identify this fugitive.

Assassination and serial murder in excess of 150 confirmed kills.
Aliases: The Phlutdroid, IG-88A, IG-88B, IG-88C, IG-88D.
Description: Thin, spindly droid, 2m tall, with dark grey chassis, cylindrical head, red photoreceptors
Distinguishing Features: Only example of its model. Distinct from earlier IG-series droids in complexity of its head and torso chassis.
Last Known Location: Reported sightings on Devaron, Antar, Tynna, Yag’Dhul, and Bestine. The accuracy of these reports is uncertain.
Reward: ₢15,500,000

Bounty Board

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