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About the calendar:

The currently-used calendar was codified by the Republic Measures & Standards Bureau as a reaction to confusing multiple date systems in different parts of the Old Republic. They called this the “Great Resynchronization.” Years are counted from the Great Resynchronization itself, with years before it notated as “BrS”. During the Galactic Civil War, a few Imperials tried to count years from the founding of the Empire in GRS year 16/19 BBY, but for the most part found it futile to try and get people to adopt a new calendar after they had just changed it less than two decades prior.

There are 5 days in a week—Primeday, Centaxday, Taungsday, Zhellday, and Benduday—and 35 days in a month. A year consists of 10 months, plus 3 fete weeks, plus 3 standalone holidays, equaling 35*5 + 3*5 + 3 = 368 days total.

Since the calendar was standardized by the Old Republic, most of the names of the months are associated with Core Founders of the Republic. The months and their namesakes are:
Notrana — Notron, the original name of Coruscant.
Ossua — Ossus, one of the first worlds the Jedi spread to from their ancient homeworld, Tython. The Jedi were brought into the Republic for the first time when the Perlemian Trade Route was established, connecting Ossus to Coruscant.
Coruscana — Of course it figures that Coruscanti couldn’t go two months without naming another one for themselves.
Trehalta — Rana Mas Trehalt, Queen of Duro who reigned when the Duros invented the hyperdrive, and brought Duro into the Republic.
Codrasetta — The fifth month is named for the Five Brothers: Corellia, Drall, Selonia, Talus, and Tralus.
Anaxsa — Anaxes
Celestiana — The Celestials, a mysterious, powerful ancient race responsible for constructing Centerpoint Station and The Maw, among other things.
Agria — Named in honor of the many agriworlds that feed the galaxy. Leads into Harvest Day.
Kalleana — Freia Kallea, famous trailblazer of the Hydian Way. In a way she is the Ferdinand Magellan of the SW universe; the first person to map a hyperroute crossing the galaxy from one side to the other. Kalleana leads into the Festival of Stars.
Kuatia — Kuat

Calendar (about)

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