Gold Note Tyrena

Gold Note – Tyrena, formerly Groola’s Place, is an underground casino, restaurant, and family fun center that suffered a “hostile” takeover by the player characters. It is now in possession of the players and their ally, Almir Phoda. It operated under the original name with an “under new management” sign for a few weeks, but recently Gold Note was unveiled as the new name of the players’ interplanetary chain of casinos, clubs, and amusement centers.

A couple of generous donations from Weapon and income from the casino have been invested in an upgraded security system, better equipment for the guards, and prevention against the same tactics that Weapon and Almir used to conquer Groola’s Place from being used against the new owners.

Gold Note – Tyrena has six levels, from highest to lowest:

  • Level 1 – Club
  • Level 2 – Almir’s – galaxy-class restaurant featuring Bith chef Nin’do An and his famous variation on a 10,000-year-old traditional Bith recipe.
  • Level 3 – Casino
  • Level 4 – Games & Amusements (non-gambling)
  • Level 5 – VIP suites
  • Level 6 – Mr. Phoda’s penthouse

Gold Note Tyrena

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