Rylla Sunrider

Captain of the Keiran's Guile


About 5’10"; short-cropped auburn hair and green eyes; wears a black military-style jacket, cargo pants, and combat boots. She looks more like a grunt than a captain, but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone on her crew, who follow her with smooth efficiency and light-hearted camaraderie.


Rylla was the CorSec Chief assigned to the city of Minaga when Imperial troops arrived in force on Corellia. Over the previous decade, Rylla had worked her way up from green lieutenant to the top cop in town, earning the respect of her officers and the citizenry alike. Now, fed up with the Imperial magistrate’s repeated interference in CorSec trying to do their jobs, she walked out after just 6 months. A group of her most loyal subordinates, equally disgusted at being told that the magistrate and his Stormtroopers would “handle it” when usually that meant taking bribes or causing “regrettable and unfortunate collateral damage” alongside a criminal hideout to make sure the populace were sufficiently in fear of their white-armored rulers, followed Rylla out the door. For Silas Erith, hiring the lot of them onto the project that would become GPI was practically just a matter of asking.

Rylla Sunrider

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