Silas Erith

Retired CEO of CEC, founder and benefactor of GPI


Tall and slight, with an angular face; Approx. 50 years old; Dark hair with streaks of grey; eyes the color of oxidized copper. Impeccably-dressed in business attire even at home, though that could have been because you met him there in the context of a formal meeting.


For 30 years, Erith led a period of strong growth for CEC, seeing his personal fortune rise stratospherically. He longed, however, to get away from profiteering and use the fruits of the many projects he shepherded for a good cause. He believes that the Empire and the Rebellion are mainly fighting over ideals that are beyond the concerns of average people who are just trying to scrape by. Criminal organizations across the galaxy are flourishing wherever they’re clever enough to operate and prey upon the citizenry without being directly threatening to the Empire’s interests. Meanwhile, not only does the Empire itself often turn a blind eye where it thinks it can get away with it, Imperial occupation forces often demand that local security and law enforcement agencies subordinate to them, and then generally give them the cold shoulder if not overtly tie their hands. (AKA the “We are in charge of this system, we will take care of it. Go back to your office and color.” variety of imperialistic hubris.) So in many cases, there is no one looking out for the populace, cleaning up the rising tide of scum, and in this problem Erith sees an opportunity for philanthropy through superior firepower. Thus, when a group of travelers so competent, so cunning, that they could thwart a ship hijacking and take down a minor Hutt crime lord—and make it look easy—showed up right on his doorstep, it was a natural choice to invite them to his mansion for a proposition.

Silas Erith

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