Galactic Procurements, Inc.

Memorable Quotes

“You’ve been cleaned out by the Maintenance Crew. Fuck you!” Message left on a beacon in space by Phryne.

“We need blast doors. And not double blast doors, dammit. We know what happens with those.” Weapon

“We’re doing this right and getting investments. It’s the Duros way.” Kire

“Roll ‘shoot the shit’. Natural 20!” Weapon

“Funk music is not a public utility.” Game Master as NPC, speaking to Weapon.

“Get your own ’splosions.” Phryne
“I have spread ’sploding!” Weapon

“You never know when some assholes are just going to walk in and take over the place.” Weapon – Responding to real guards shortly after walking in and taking over a crime lord’s base while pretending to be a guard.

“Hey, Jango Fett wannabe! Where ya goin’ so fast?!” Weapon, shouting at Jodo Kast.

“Cutting Edge. What was your previous name? The Sharper Image?” Weapon

“Is the doctor in? I’ve got this pain in my side, and I want him to take a look at it.” Weapon, speaking to the clinic receptionist and referring to his heavy weapon.

“Taste it! Taste it!” Phryne, encouraging Ti-Red to taste the mysterious blue goo.

“I’m hacking the music.” Weapon
“How can you hack the music?” GM

“I got a stuzz? What’s a stuzz?” Weapon
“It’s a box with a button on it, and when you push it, it has blinkin’ lights.” GM

“Never say ‘assass the ass’ again.” Weapon, speakin to Ti-Red.

“Is it okay that I find biological organisms sexually attractive?” Weapon, speaking to the receptionist at Xucphra Organization.

“I’m gonna hack the music.” Weapon
“How can you hack the music?” GM

“Look out for that planet! It comes up on ya real quick.” Phryne

“I can hold it for you! Cup holder mode engaged.” Weapon

“I’m gonna kill a tauntaun!” Ti-Red

“It’s force stun, not force taser.” Phryne to Ti-Red.

“Knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle. Therefore, power is half the battle.” Weapon

“Is the mayor of Hoth David Hasselhoth?” Weapon
“I think your comedy subroutines need tweaking.” GM

“I can make you a penis!” Phryne
“It can be retractable.” GM
“A telescopic penis?!” Phryne
“I’m gonna go to my room for three days and work on my calligraphy. With my penis.” Weapon
“So it’s a prehensile telescopic penis?” Phryne

“I’m bringing out my mortal prod.” Weapon

“I’m gonna take up jizzercising.” Phyrne, referring to what she was going to do during three days of downtime on the ship.

“Here’s the keys. She’s all yours!” Weapon, handing the keys to the stolen Krayt’s Teeth base to the sheriff of the floating city.
“You drug in a skyscraper!” Kire, referring to its size.


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